Teddy and the Toy Box

Teddy and the Toy Box

Teddy and The Toy Box – A Therapeutic Story for Trauma.

Today my blog post is simply going to be a story about a little teddy bear. It is a therapeutic story for trauma designed to speak to the child within us. Or to the part of us that most needs to hear it. So without overthinking it, sit back, relax and enjoy the read

Once Upon A Time…

In a box, under a bed, in a house far away, there lived lots of different toys. There were chattering lips that raced around when they were fully wound up and magic 8 balls that thought they had the answer to everything. There was a square metallic Robot who was very clever and a soft smiling red cushion.

Oh yes, and sat on a shelf above a bed was a beautiful Fairy in a green dress. She had a magic wand! She seemed very wise and didn’t play the childish games with the others. So she had her own special place on the shelf.

One day a little teddy arrived in the toy box who looked very battered indeed. His brown fur was rough and torn and one eye was hanging on a thread. He also had a pull cord that was broken. This meant he kept saying the same thing over and over again. It was obvious to all the other toys that this little teddy had had a hard time wherever he had come from.

loneliness of trauma

Teddy introduced himself to the other toys in the box but he was tired and kept himself to himself much of the time. Occasionally, you could hear the 8 balls laughing at something Teddy had said as he could be very funny. But most of the time Teddy was quiet as it was difficult to hear people over his internal voice going around and round.

It was even difficult to hear what he was thinking himself.

Teddy felt upset and lonely because he looked so rough and his cord was broken. “How annoying to always be saying and hearing the same thing all the time” thought Teddy. “I wish I could fix it”.

So, Teddy decided to ask for help.

First, he went to the red cushion with the smiling face and she turned out to be even more lovely that Teddy had imagined. She was very kind but unfortunately nothing she did could help Teddy. So she asked Robot to help out. Robot was very skilled and had a very accurate hand so he helped Teddy with his image.

“Fantastic” thought Teddy, “I might still be broken on the inside but at least I will look better on the outside”.

When Robot had finished, Teddy looked in the mirror and was very disappointed when he saw the patches and stitches all over his little body. His eye wasn’t hanging on a thread anymore but it seemed to Teddy that there was a patch holding it in place. “Oh no!” cried Teddy, it felt like he was beginning to lose sight of who he was.

traumatised teddy

Teddy went to see the lovely soft red cushion to get some sympathy, but the cushion was delighted with the work that Robot had done and thought it was a marvellous improvement. The chattering lips and 8 balls thought the same.

Teddy felt that whenever he tried to explain how he felt, nobody would listen to him or acknowledge his feelings.

The other toys suggested that he go to ask the magic 8 balls for help but they ended up rolling around playfully saying unhelpful things like “your luck will change” or “just look on the bright side”. Whenever Teddy asked them any questions they just said “yes” or “no”. This left Teddy feeling even more that nobody was actually listening to what he was saying.

The more upset that Teddy got, the more his broken cord pulled. The phrase that he repeated to himself seemed to become even louder and faster. This of course drowned out what he was really trying to say and also stopped him from hearing what other people were saying to him. He could see them laughing and smiling with each other but poor Teddy felt left out because all he could hear was his own internal voice.

Teddy was sad.

The other toys became bored of him because he just kept saying the same thing over and over and Teddy wouldn’t even listen to them which was very rude as they had all tried to help him!

One day as Teddy sat looking over the edge of the box, he gazed up at the Fairy. “I wonder if she can help me?” thought Teddy. “Surely, I have tried everything else so I have nothing to lose”. So, Teddy made his way by himself up onto the bed and climbed on to the shelf next to the Fairy.

“Things really look quite different from up here” thought Teddy.

The Fairy seemed different to the toys in the box. They were always laughing or shouting, chattering or running around. But the Fairy was perfectly still, wearing a light airy green dress. She gazed at Teddy with clear dark green eyes and Teddy knew he had come to the right place. He felt comfortable with her. His cord didn’t pull so often and he even forgot about what he looked like, until he realised that there were no mirrors around her.

He asked the Fairy why she didn’t want to have a mirror so that she could see how beautiful she looked. “Oh, I’m not concerned with what is on the outside” she told Teddy. “I am much more interested about what is inside”. “Really?” asked Teddy. “I’d never thought of that before”. Teddy decided to ask the Fairy to help with his problem, as it did seem to be on the inside. So maybe Fairy would understand.

He explained about the last house he was in and how his fur had become ripped and his eye had come loose. Teddy explained about his broken cord and how at certain times it seemed to get louder and faster but when he was peaceful it would slow down and sometimes stop for a while. Then he told Fairy how he had consulted the lovely cushion who couldn’t really help even though she wanted to, and Robot who made him look even worse than before. Teddy explained to Fairy that he doesn’t always just say the same thing and talk about the way he looks. He shared how sometimes he was able to laugh with the chattering lips and the 8 balls because he is a strong Teddy after all he’s been through in his life.

The Fairy looked at Teddy with patience, love and understanding.

This felt a bit strange to Teddy because he wasn’t used to these feelings. But he decided to go with it and be loving and accepting back, he even let himself smile at Fairy. After all, it was the least he could do in return for her helping him. After a while the Fairy said “Oh Teddy, all this time you have been looking to fix the problem from outside yourself, but the problem lies within. Nobody can fix it but you! Use that strength that you have to help yourself”.

Teddy thought this was a marvellous idea but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. The Fairy seemed to sense this and asked Teddy to reach inside when he felt ready. She encouraged him to slowly start to untangle the string that was caught on a cog inside him. Teddy wasn’t sure if he could untangle the knots with his paws but he remembered what the Fairy had said about using his strength to help himself, so he persevered.

After a while the thread became loose and Teddy was hopeful that he might start working again.

“Imagine that” thought Teddy, “All the different choices I would have!”

When Teddy was first made, he had hundreds of things that he used to say and for each phrase the string would go in a different groove of the cog. Unfortunately, at some stage early on in his life, Teddy’s string had got tangled and it got stuck on one groove so Teddy had been repeating the same things to himself and everyone else for years!

When Teddy realised just how much choice he had now compared to before, he felt nothing but thanks towards the kind, wise Fairy. He was amazed that she did all that and didn’t even use her magic wand!

All the time the power was inside Teddy but he just hadn’t known.

Teddy jumped down to the toy box like a brand-new bear! He felt young again and had such hope for the future. Back in the toy box, Teddy caught sight of himself in the mirror. He was surprised to notice how healthy he looked! There were nice neat stitches where once he was torn. Teddy noticed a small patch the exact same colour as his fur. It was cleverly placed around his eye to hold it in place, which Teddy thought was marvellous

He started to ask the other toys in the box “Can you see a difference in me? Look, don’t I look good as new?” All the other toys were confused and told Teddy that he had looked like that ever since Robot had mended him.

They were just so glad that Teddy could finally see it too.

He really was a much happier Teddy bear. He had lots of things to say and ideas of new things to do.

For the first time in his life, Teddy had fun and enjoyed life. He laughed until his tummy hurt with the chattering lips and the 8 balls and his friendship deepened with Red Cushion. They shared stories together and would talk. He learned so many new things about himself. He really was becoming a very happy little bear.

Whenever he looked up at the Fairy on the shelf his heart grew a little bit bigger as he remembered all the help she had given him. He remembered how good it felt to be really seen for the strong capable Teddy he was all along.

Teddy was a changed bear. He felt love, kindness and acceptance not only to the Fairy, but to everyone around him and most importantly, to himself.

strong after trauma

Thank you for reading about little Teddy who realised he had the answers inside himself all along. We, like Teddy, are so much stronger than we realise. We have boundless resources if only we tap into them.

Sometimes all it takes is a little belief in ourselves.

Sometimes, all it takes is to challenge the beliefs we have about ourselves that have been running since childhood.

And sometimes, all it takes is to recognise that we are already perfect. Already resourced and already lovable.

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With warm wishes, Heather

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