My approach to Therapy and How I Work

Finding the right therapist is so important and can make so much difference to how you progress in therapy. I have a holistic approach to therapy meaning I treat you as a whole person. This is your journey. You are unique and your story is unique to you.

I have a wide range of effective tools that we can use together in an organic way as we travel your healing journey together.

So one day we might be doing some gentle art work building trust with your inner child, another day we might be looking at a traumatic memory and changing the negative beliefs you took on at that time.

Another session we might purely be focusing on your body and how it has stored feelings of unsafety and release it on a bodily (somatic) level.

Another day we might do Gestalt or Parts Work meaning that we can accept and understand all sides of you, even if they might be conflicting. An example of this might be part of you wants to have loving sex with your partner but another part of you might feel fear, mistrust or pain.

Perhaps another day we will do some hypnosis or mediation to really allow your body to learn to relax and feel safe. Or you may like to try some reiki to balance your energy field.

On other sessions we may explore your relationship with yourself and your partner if you have one. We may explore trust exercises you can take away to do at home.

Many of my sessions include using EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting because it is such an incredibly effective tool for giving you the emotional freedom that you so deserve. The effects are deep and long lasting. Because of this I may teach you to tap at home in between sessions to accelerate your therapeutic journey and take control of your life.

There is so much that we can do together and we will always move at the speed that is right for you. I will never ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You are in control at all times.

Typically, we would have ongoing weekly sessions and then I would set you a small task to do in the week to accelerate your healing and growth. This really helps to integrate all that we did in the session and set those new neural pathways in the brain for real deep and lasting change.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore together, please do reach out to me. As I said earlier, finding the right therapist for you is so important so I offer a free 15 minute chat so that we can get a feel for one another and whether we are a good fit. Private therapy sessions are also available in Bristol or online sessions over Zoom.

I look forward to connecting with you and taking the first step of this journey together.

I invite you to fill out the contact form on my contact me page or ring me on 07824394379.

All in person sessions take place in a private therapy room in Bristol at the following address: Monarch House, 1-7 Smyth Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 2BX.

With love and warm wishes, Heather

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