Heather Bradley – Trauma Therapist in Bristol

My name is Heather Bradley and I am a Trauma Therapist in Bristol specialising in working with Adults who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Heather Bradley. Trauma Therapist. Bristol Trauma Therapy. Specialist in helping Adults recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse

I help people experiencing Anxiety, C-PTSD and Dissociative Disorders to take control of their lives. To find safety and freedom in rediscovering a connection to themselves and others.

I understand that going through a Trauma can radically change your life. It can create feelings of loneliness, confusion and despair. Together we journey from where you are now into a life that has clarity, meaning and purpose. This can often involve revisiting the past to release your Trauma at the root. Giving you freedom and control over your own life.

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Have you been through Trauma?

Do you feel Hopeless or Stuck?

Are you having Relationship and Intimacy problems?

Maybe you have memories surfacing that are scary and difficult to understand?

Do you have PTSD or C-PTSD?

Perhaps you experience Flashbacks, Panic Attacks or Anxiety?

Do you Dissociate easily? Feel numb? Spacey? Or float outside of your body?

Have you been diagnosed with BPD, DPD, DID or OSDD?

Or find it hard to say No and set Healthy Boundaries?

Have you experienced Sexual Abuse or Childhood Sexual Abuse?

Do you have Sexual Dysfunction?

Are you struggling to talk to your family or loved ones about your experiences?

Are you looking for private face to face help in Bristol?

If you experience any of these or any other symptoms that you wish to address in therapy, I am here to take that step with you.

It is important that you know when you come to therapy, it’s you that is doing the work. You are choosing to reclaim your life. Even being here on my website is a strong sign that you are ready for those changes to start. I know from personal experience how much courage it takes to show up to therapy and engage and I have enormous respect for you.

With over ten years of experience and also having overcome my own Trauma and CPTSD, I have a deep understanding of what you may be experiencing.

If you would like to hear my own story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, please go to the About Heather page where you can find a personal video and get a feel for me and whether I might be the right fit for you.

Just as a caterpillar needs time in the cocoon to become a butterfly, you too need time to release all that no longer serves you and create a new, stronger you.

transform your life with Bristol Trauma therapy

The caterpillar already possesses everything she needs to rebuild herself as a butterfly – and so do you.

When the cocoon is no longer needed, the butterfly uses focused strength and determination to break free. The action of doing this makes her wings strong.

Only then can she spread her wings and fly – and she is free.

I invite you to view our therapy together as your time in the cocoon. Taking dedicated time to make peace with the past, gain strength and transform in ways you may never have believed possible.

Having been on a deep and profound journey myself, I know first hand what amazing change, release and healing is possible. To truly leave the past in the past. To feel centred and grounded instead of anxious and afraid. Responding calmly instead of having a panic attack. Setting healthy boundaries and maintaining positive relationships. Being able to work and pay the bills. Feeling safe in your body. To enjoy sex after sexual trauma. To feel pleasure where there was once numbness. Having more energy for fun and laughter because having to look out for danger becomes a thing of the past.

If it feels right, I invite you to come for a free 15 minute chat with me where there is no obligation to continue. We can use this time to see if we are a good fit for you to journey out of trauma together. Just fill in the contact form on the contact me page and I will get back to you as soon as I can to arrange an informal chat. Alternatively you can call me on 07824 394379.

I am a trauma therapist in Bristol available for face to face therapy.

I also offer some sessions online over zoom.

Your first session with Bristol Trauma Therapy is at the reduced cost of £30

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love and warm wishes,


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